You can go your own way, but will you wash your own pants?

appreciate about men who continue to live in the forested territories without women (Men taking off an alternate way: the rising of a hurtful male radical turn of events, 26 August), anyway the rest of Laura Bates’ article had alternate points of view on the best total and kind of sex that “men taking off an alternate way” should have with women. Nothing is said about whether they do their own tidying up, hoover their own floor coverings, wash their own sheets or iron their own shirts. Given that this is valid, may I say I think this is a wonderful idea, to be upheld.

Henrietta Cubitt


• Now that Kellyanne and George Conway are to wander down from their parts as, independently, top Trump religious pragmatist and exceptional foe of Trump campaigner (Kellyanne Conway to take off from Trump White House at end of month, 24 August), may we after a short time notice them in their own TV unscripted TV dramatization, with a title reflecting the regular complexity of their local simultaneousness. Remaining mindful of the Konways, anyone?

Mike Gautrey

Wokingham, Berkshire

• So a loving farewell to Clare in the Community, as her last Society activity appears (25 August). In my mind she’ll be for regularly examining whether master plate-spinners have awful dreams about being a social worker.

Matthew Newman


• The late, inconceivable Jeremy Hardy said only two positions could genuinely be portrayed as “suitable”: clinical chaperons and dustbin workers (Letters, 26 August).

Jenny Mitton

Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

• Colchester was Britain’s first city (Letters, 26 August), doled out by Rome in the primary century. Its destruction by the common dread based oppressor Boudicca incited the Romans moving to London – Britain’s resulting city.

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